Lemar Industrial Corp.
We are Lemar, manufacturer and exporter of interconnect solutions, established in 1986.

Our design and manufacturing specialization include balun for telecommunication, closed-circuit television, CATV and audio/video networks.

We started as a small telecommunication accessories manufacturer to become today, one of the leading company in the twisted pair networks solutions market.
Maintaining our position as a leader in the field, we continue positively in developing new series of products and expanding product range from telecommunication to video-surveillance and modern multimedia networks. We welcome OEM and ODM projects.

Your satisfaction is our target ! Customer service, top quality product, competitive price, prompt answer and delivery and full technical support are our strengths.

In the areas of manufacturing, sales and marketing, and technical support, we provides the professionalism you need to enhance your business:

> Design
We offer PCB design and layout for high-frequency wiring for various networking needs. We are highly regarded in the industry for the research, development and design of new products for customers. Our experienced design teams rely upon the newest software and hardware to enhance their design skills.

> Manufacturing
Our various manufacturing facilities, all part of the Lemar Group, have a proven track record of dedication to quality control and on-time delivery.

> Sales and Marketing
We rely upon our customer-oriented sales and marketing team to provide friendly and efficient service. Our sales and marketing staff have a proven record of professionalism and expertise in dealing with clientele from around the world.

> After Sales
Our after sales services include technical and professional support.
Lemar Industries Corp. is a professional CCTV Balun Manufacturer which has been specializing in various CATV Balun for more than 25 years.  We provide Active Balun, A/V Transceiver Box, VGA Balun, Twinax Balun, RF Connector, Computer Balun and S-Video BalunLemar manufactures products are not only with attractive appearance, but also with high quality that has been acknowledged by thousands of buyers around the world.  If you have any doubts about Multimedia Balun and RF Connector, please feel free to contact us.

Main Product: