Lemar Industrial Corp.
2.4Ghz CATV balun
  • Product Number : CATV Patch Cord 2.4Ghz
  • Product : Bandwidth up to 2.4Ghz
The CATV Patch Cord allows traditional 75-ohm coaxial cable to be replaced by a single pair of Shielded Cat 5 STP cable, Used in pairs, the CATV Balun allows broadband CATV equipment to be integrated into structured cabling systems thereby allowing CATV equipment to be moved or added to any convenient modular wall outlet. It provides a versatile cabling solution for broadband video systems used by schools, government, corporations, hospitals, financial institutions, hotels and convention centers.
The CATV balun works in conjunction with CATV splitters, amplifiers and cable modems for a total cabling solution.

• No AC power or batteries needed.
• Bi-directional signal conversion.
• Shielded RJ45 plug with coaxial cable
• Easy installation

Different cable lenght are available, from 50cm to 3m, let us know your requirements.
Private and pubic broadband CATV.

CATV, satellite receivers, VCR and other broadband video equipment.

5MHz to 2.4GHz

75 ohm to 100 ohm

Insertion loss:
-5dB typical 5MHz~10MHz
-3dB typical 10MHz~1 GHz
-8dB typical 1GHz~2.5GHz

Return loss:
-18dB typical 5MHz~1GHz
-15dB typical 1GHz~2.5GHz

Common mode rejection:
-20dB typical

Shielded RJ45 Plug pins 8+/7-
F (Male or Female) or PAL (Male or Female) is optional

Cat 5 or better, 24 gauge typical
Max. capacitance :20pf/ft
Attenuation: 6.6dB/ 1000f t at 1M Hz

Impedance: 75ohm at 10MHz
Attenuation: 194dB/km at 200MHz

Max. distance:
30m on Cat.5 cable, 24AWG

Environment required:
Operating temp. 0 to 55° C
Storage temp. -22 to 85°C
Humidity up to 95%
- 14C107XX-2 = F male, RJ45 plug wiring 8+/7-
- 14C217XX-2 = PAL male, RJ45 plug wiring 8+/7-

(please replace xx with your requested lenght (05 = 0.5m / 1 = 1m / 2 = 2m / 3 = 3m)

If you have special RJ45 wiring, please let us know in your email.