Lemar Industrial Corp.
  • Product Number : Isolator
  • Product : Ground Loop Isolator

Our Video Ground Loop Isolator is a necessary part of every CCTV setup, providing improved security from troublesome ground loop distortion.
Installation of the Lemar Video Ground Loop Isolator rescues you from the irritation of tearing apart your setup as you search for the source of irritating signal disturbances such as those caused by loops or wiring laid too near power lines.
The product also provides for better surge protection, while convenience of installation means the Lemar Video Ground Loop Isolator is easily added to previously existing operations.

Why has my system such problems ?
An earth loop interference may occur when there is more that one ground or earth between two pieces of equipment. Because there is multiple ground paths, loops are formed in which current can flow.
The current flows through the shield of coaxial cable and it picks the interference up and carries it to the inputs of CCTV equipment. This equipment interprets this interference as part of the video signal and displays it on the monitor as a rolling “hum bar”.

How works the ground loop isolator ?
The ground loop isolator terminates ground loop currents in a cable and blocks the hum and interference carried in the ground loop.


Connector: BNC male to BNC female

Insertion Loss: 0.5dB

Frequency response: 0-3dB at 10MHz

Input Resistance: 75 ohm

Output Resistance: 75 ohm

Typical distance: 300 m

Isolation Voltage: 600VDC (min)

Insulation Resistance: 100m ohm

Transient Voltage Suppressors: 12 Vrms

Material: ABS black

Dimensions: 3.09"x1.15"x0.96" (78.6mm x 29.4mm x 24.4mm)


Ground Loop Isolator, BNC Male (In) to BNC Female (Out)
PN: 1101600