Lemar Industrial Corp.
  • Product Number : PS/2 converter for mouse & keyboard
  • Product : To connect keyboard and mouse to PC, up to 110m !

Our PS/2 CONVERTER for Keyboard and Mouse allows the connection of standard PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse to PC via one UTP (Unshielded twisted pair) cable for more versatile cabling.
PS/2 Converter is used in pair for long distance cabling flexibility.
Typical applications include corporate projection systems, classroom video instruction and video information systems.
All our Baluns are 100% test for reliability and durability to guarantee your signal integrity.

PC, Laptop, PS/2 keyboard & mouse

DC to 1MHz

Connectors: RJ45 Jack
Dual Mini Din Plug (Connects to PC End; Green for Mouse, purple for Keyboard) 6" lead
Dual Mini Din Receptacle (Connects to PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse; Green for Mouse, purple for Keyboard)

Cable UTP:
Cat5 or better
Wires impedance 100ohm at 1MHz
Maximum capacitance: 20 pf/foot
Attenuation: 6.6dB/1000 ft at 1 MHz

Maximum distance: 110 meters (350ft) including PS2 cables, via Cat5 cable

Pin Configuration:
MINI DIN: (Reverse Polarity Sensitive)
Pin1 -- Data | Pin3 -- Gnd | Pin4 -- +5V | Pin5 -- Clock
Mouse: Pin1 -- Gnd | Pin2 -- Clock | Pin3 -- +5V | Pin6 --Data
Key Board: Pin8 -- Gnd | Pin7 -- Clock | Pin5 -- +5V | Pin4 -- Data

Environment required:
Operating: 0 to 55C
Storage:-20 to 85C
Humidity: up to 95%

1160464: 33.0x21.0x24.2mm
1160414: 49.2x43.0x21.5mm


PN: 1160464
PS/2 Converter, PC Side, Dual Mini Din Male with 6" cable (Green for Mouse, Purple for Keyboard) to RJ45 Jack

PN: 1160414
PS/2 Converter, Keyboard and Mouse Side, Dual Mini Din Female (Green for Mouse, Purple for Keyboard) to RJ45 Jack

PN: 1160404
1 kit, including 1160464 & 1160414