Lemar Industrial Corp.
Multimedia balun
  • Product Number : Audio & Video 3 RCA
  • Product : 3xRCA to 1xRJ45

Video DC to 8MHz Audio 20Hz to 50KHz

Insertion Loss: ≦2dB over the frequency range from DC to 8MHz

Return loss: ≧15dB over the frequency range from DC to 8MHz

Common Mode Rejection: ≧40dB at 8MHz

Impedance: RCA 75ohm (Yellow for video, Red/White for audio)

Cable UTP:
24 AWG or lower solid copper twisted pair, wires impedance: 100 ohm at 1MHz
Max. Capacitance: 20 pf/ft
Attenuation: 6.6dB/1000ft at 1MHz

Maximum Distance:
Color Video: 2200 ft or 670 meters (via Cat.5 UTP)
Audio : 5000 ft or 1500 meters (via Cat.5 UTP)

Housing: 81 x 60 x 24mm

PN: 1172513