Lemar Industrial Corp.
CCTV balun
  • Product Number : Quad RJ45
  • Product : 4xRJ45 to 1xRJ45
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  • Country of Origin : Taiwan
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The Lemar Non-Impedance Matching Transceiver Box allows you to send multiple video signals across long distances using a single twisted pair cable. Our Transceiver Box features four input/output RJ45 jacks on one side, each of which can carry a single video signal. A fifth input/output jack enables transmission of these video signals across a twisted pair cable.

Two of these transceiver boxes linked with a twisted pair cable allows for long-distance signal transmission from as many as four cameras to a DVR using only the one twisted pair cable.

This setup eliminates the clutter that comes with having to snake multiple video cables across an installation site, saves you money without sacrificing the integrity of your video signal.

PN: 1174614