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ZigBee wireless based on IEEE 802.15.4 standard for control and monitoring solutions
ZigBee ... what's that ?
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ZigBee is a technology based on the IEEE 802.15.4 standard. Unlike Bluetooth or wireless USB devices, ZigBee devices have the ability to form a mesh network between nodes.

One ZigBee network can contain more than 65,000 nodes (active devices) The network they form in cooperation with each other may take the shape of a star, a branching tree or a net (mesh)

Now imagine, used in your home, you and your house will be communicating by phone, mobile phone and PC. You will be in full control of access monitoring, heating and cooling for individual rooms. You could find out which room or area your kids are in. You could monitor the front door and be able to remotely unlock it to let in your washing-machine repairer.

Another example, in Health Care Services: Alzheimer's sufferers can have their freedom rights restricted because of the risk of finding themselves in unusual surroundings. This network infrastructure would enable them to continue with their lifestyle because of the security measures the technology creates and the flexibility of being able to wear smaller, smarter devices for monitoring and management purposes.

The city of Barcelona will be the first city to test Zigbee protocol combined with LBS (Location Based Services) These services will help to localized people in need of help in the city (children, old and/or disabled people) They limite the test to an area called ''Nou Barris'', for those who knows this place, where a public institution for impaired people is located. More about CityBee: click to discover the Barcelona project ...

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