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New Active VGA balun
We are glad to introduce our new Active VGA balun.

Active VGA balun to connect your VGA equipment on a remote location. Active VGA balun supports high resolution, up to 80m (263ft) with UXGA resolution

Our Active VGA balun supports a local monitor and a remote monitor via Cat5 or better cabling. Each set includes one transmitter and one receiver.

This solution is really pratical if you want to view on a local monitor a VGA signal and at the same time send the VGA signal to a remote VGA monitor or projector, eg in education or shop displays where the distances involved are greater.

Typical distance:
180m (591ft) with VGA resolution 640x480
150m (493ft) with SVGA resolution 800x600
130m (427ft) with XGA resolution 1024x768
100m (329ft) with SXGA resolution 1280x1028
80m (263ft) with UXGA resolution 1600x1200
70m (230ft) with resolution 1920x1440

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